Human Resources Services

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A charity or non-profit is only as impactful as the people who work there. Human Resources plays an instrumental role in developing, supporting and changing an organization’s culture. Everything from determining pay to performance packages, training and development, recruitment and onboarding, to reinforcing the values of the mandate falls under the umbrella of an HR department.

We’ve helped many charities implement new HR policies, improving their culture and steering them onto the path of success. Let us help you avoid the costly mistakes that many organizations make by not seeking the advice of an experienced human resource agent.

We provide the following Human Resources services:

  • Development of HR policies and procedure
  • Recruitment and termination
  • Advice on the benefits of hiring contractors or employees
  • Conflict resolution
  • Performance appraisal packages
  • Volunteer program development

To learn how we can help your charity or non-profit with developing its own Human Resources policies, book a free consultation with us today.