Financial Consulting Services

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Every monetary decision that you make has an impact on the trajectory of your mission. Getting experienced and objective advice is paramount to identify and address financial challenges before they happen.

Meeting the needs of your stakeholders’ reporting requirements begins with systems design. We understand organizations often have a number of programs to report on, a number of budgets to monitor and funding agency reporting needs.

This can all be streamlined and easy to produce with a custom-designed system whether or not you have an aptitude or interest in accounting. We reduce your audit costs, help select an auditor, and teach your board what they need to know all in a completely confidential setting.

  • Auditor Selection
  • Systems Design
  • Budget Process Design
  • Financial Statements
  • GST/PST/HST returns
  • CRA reporting

To learn how we can help your charity or non-profit with its financial decision-making, book a free consultation with us today.