Budget and Funder Reports

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It’s no secret, charities and non-profits often have limited resources. Stretching every dollar to the fullest can often be the difference between adding one more staff member, helping ten more beneficiaries or keeping the doors open for another year or not.

Operating a not-for-profit is only possible through diligent planning and careful reviews of its budget. A well-conceived operating budget ensures that the organization uses its limited funds towards its primary objectives.

A budget is the organization’s financial plan for the upcoming year, reflecting the expected revenue and expenditures.

A Budget Report measures the organization’s performance against its budget for the reporting period. It’s shared internally among management and the board.

Similarly, a Funder Report shows donors where the organization spent their money for the reporting period, allowing them to confirm that their grants are being spent wisely in the promised manner.


We provide the following reporting services:

  • Budget Preparation
  • Budget Reporting
  • Funder Reporting

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